8 first-class reasons to do a Powerboat course in Montenegro?

I am sure you have been on holiday in the Mediterranean or even further afield and seen people having fun getting to the remote beaches and driving straight up to a taverna or bar in a powerboat. It’s not that difficult for you to do either. A two day Powerboat Level 2 course approved by the RYA will give you that ticket. No previous experience or qualifications are needed. If you are from the UK and a selected number of other countries, the RYA powerboat level 2 allows you to apply for the International Certificate of Competence. It is awarded on the application for a small fee. The ICC is the ticket you need to charter a powerboat in the majority of countries. So why do a powerboat course in Montenegro?

Powerboat course in Montenegro

Why Montenegro?

  • It’s different. How many of your friends have heard of Montenegro much less visited it?

  • It has a British approved RYA powerboat school. The centre is based on one of the most beautiful stretches of waters in the World. Outstanding Scenery. The most southerly Fjords in Europe.

  • Easy Access from the UK and other parts of Europe. Ryanair fly from Stansted and Easyjet fly from Gatwick and Manchester. Also, Ryanair flies from Berlin and Brussels. The flights are very cheap if you go slightly out of season and weather wise I would recommend June, September, October and November. The summer months are very busy and extremely hot.

  • The weather. Obviously, this can not be guaranteed but it will be warmer than the UK Brussels and Belgium. With all the mountains around, you might experience a cloudy day or some rain but you will still be doing your course in ‘T’ shirt and shorts.

  • Free accommodation. Montenegro+ who are the RYA training centre, own Adventure House which provides comfortable but basic accommodation in a rural area close to Tivat and the training centre base. They will run you between the accommodation and the boat.

  • The boat. There are many schools offering Powerboating courses but some will train you on a small vessel which can then prove difficult when you decide to charter a larger RIB for you and all your friends. Get the experience on a large RIB and you can then be confident in your abilities to handle your charter boat.

  • The watersports. Montenegro+ also offer a range of watersports and outdoor adventures. Grab a couple of mates to do the course with you and you could all be having a fun wakeboarding session at the end of the course for FREE. If wakeboarding is not your thing then there are SUP (paddleboards) available and I can thoroughly recommend this at sunset. The water is very clean and crystal clear so enjoy swimming in the Adriatic or in the warmer waters in the Fjords.

  • The Yachts. If you love boats and dream of strolling down the docks of Monaco, then you will not be disappointed. The new luxury marina of Porto Montenegro has been likened to Monaco. The shiny superyachts sit in the bay or the marina and the docks are open to the public to wander around. You on the powerboat will be practising your newly acquired boat handling skills amongst these beautiful beasts and if you wish, eating dinner in the same restaurants as A-listers in the evening.

So if you live close to Gatwick, Manchester, Stansted, Brussels or Berlin, you could be in the stunningly beautiful Montenegro, being greeted at the airport by one of the instructors, for less money than you would pay to get to your nearest RYA centre. Find out more information about completing a powerboat course in Montenegro at Montenegro+