Start Sailing a Yacht.

woman sailingMany people are introduced to sailing on a cruising yacht, later in life. They might have memories of sailing a little wayfarer or mirror dinghy in their childhood, then the joys of careers and families take over for a decade
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Preparing For A Practical Boating Course.

navigationNow I know this sounds silly, but it really does happen, people do turn up for an RYA sailing, powerboating or motorboating course totally unprepared. As an instructor I have often pondered over why? I know they would not turn up to a meeting without pen and paper and having read the minutes, or an exam without knowing what was expected. But for some reason, a small minority of people turn up with very little knowledge of what is entailed and in some cases not ready to undertake the training they have paid for.
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Yacht Charter – The Options.


Picture Chartering a yacht is available to anyone with any level of experience.  The assumption that you must be able to sail is incorrect.  Here, I will discuss the options available to you depending on your level of experience and personal preference. Read more

Selecting The Right Boating Course

Booking a sailing, powerboating or motor boat course, for the first time can be quite a daunting thought. What will the instructor be like? Will you get on with the other students? What weather to expect? Will you get sea sick? All of which are mostly out of your control. What is in your control, however, is to make sure you choose the right course for you. Read more

Why Sea Survival Training is for everyone?


Picture Everyone that ever puts to sea, hopes that the day when they have to deal with an emergency or deploy the liferaft never comes. Thankfully most of us will enjoy safe boating experiences with very little untoward happening. For the unlucky few that do end up having to launch a liferaft and leave their vessel (0.1% of cruisers), the proper training could save their lives. Read more

The International Certificate of Competence


Picture What is the International Certificate of Competence?

As most countries have their own boating certification schemes, the International Certificate of Competence attempts to provide evidence of a similar level of competence in boating worldwide. Some countries ask for evidence of an ICC from boaters whilst visiting their waters. The ICC allows the holder to sail/motor in countries where that country has accepted it. It can however, be subject to other prescriptions. Even in countries that have not accepted the ICC you might find that charter companies will ask for it. We recommend you check with the country before sailing there or the charter company, if you are chartering a boat. Read more

What to expect on a RYA Start Yachting course

You might know someone that sails or have seen the yachts at sea and fancy giving sailing a try, but where do you start?  I started with the RYA Start Yachting Course (or its equivalent many moons ago).  Basically, it is a 2 day introduction to sailing a yacht.  If you have never tried sailing and are not too sure if you will like it or not, this is a great way to find out without spending too much of your valuable annual leave. Read more

Preparing For A Night Passage

Moonlight, starry skies, phosphorescence and the only sound, being the gentle lapping of the waves against the hull. Having worked as a sailing instructor for many years, I regularly hear students say… ‘the night sail was the best bit of the course’. The RYA Competent Crew and the RYA Day Skipper course both include a minimum of 4 night hours. It is a magical experience whatever the weather throws at you, but it can also be an anxious time for inexperienced crew if the correct preparation is not carried out. Read more

Motor Cruising Courses for Beginners

You might be thinking about buying a boat or chartering one, so you can explore a beautiful coastline. You may be considering entering into the motor yacht world as a professional.  All sound great. However, you need to gain some essential skills to be ensure you are safe and others out on the water around you are not going to be put in danger by your lack of knowledge or skill. Where to start is often the hardest bit. Once you begin your boating training, their will be an easily marked progression route for you to follow. Read more

Learn to Sail the Easy Way with Adult Dinghy Beginner Courses

Sailing a dinghy can be one of the most liberating, exciting and rewarding experiences in life.

For many people, it’s a lifelong passion that begins as a child – but that’s by no means a hard and fast rule. In fact, some of the most passionate dinghy sailors you’ll meet began as an adult. And if that’s something that interests you, why not do the same thing? There are a great many adult dinghy beginner courses available that can help you master the basics of sailing and much more besides. And it’s not just dinghies that you can get to grips with; these courses also cover small keelboats and multi-hulls too. Read more