Proficiency in Security Awareness

The NEW online Proficiency in Security Awareness (PSA) course.

If you are employed or engaged on ship or yacht to which the ISPS code applies you will need the Proficiency in Security Awareness certificate. Gaining this certificate does not mean a trip to your nearest training centre with their limited training dates. There is a NEW online course. The online course has been written by Industry experts who are individually handpicked for their subject knowledge.

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Yachtmaster Prep

Why do the Yachtmaster prep training and are you ready?

So you think you are nearly ready to sit the Yachtmaster Offshore examination. Firstly, I would like to point out that there is no requirement that you do a Yachtmaster Prep course before you sit the Yachtmaster Offshore examination. The preparation course offered by most sail cruising training centres is not an official RYA course with a syllabus as such. It is an opportunity to get out on a yacht and practice before the examiner steps onboard. I did not attend a preparation course but I did have my own small 28-foot yacht with which to practice on.

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RYA changes to sail motor practical courses

Understanding the changes to the RYA Sail and Motor Practical Courses

Changes to the RYA Sail and Motor Practical Courses The RYA Training courses started in the UK and thus, all RYA sail and motor practical courses run on the coast were tidal. When chartering abroad became popular and people wanted to learn in the sunshine, the RYA started to approve centres abroad where there were […]

Superyacht Security Officer

Qualities & skills of a superyacht security officer

Top 5 Qualities & Skills of a Superyacht Security Officer. The Superyacht Security Officer needs to have many qualities to ensure the safety of the owners, their families, the crew and the vessel. The qualities and skills required for the various responsibilities are as follows:


Learning how to use a DSC VHF radio may save your life.

There is a great deal of confusion surrounding the use of the marine VHF radio. I often overhear people saying ‘my mobile phone is the best connection for me when I am at sea’, ‘the Coastguard do not listen to channel 16 anymore’, ‘I don’t understand how to use the DSC function on my set’ […]

Superyacht Security Awareness Course

5 Reasons for all crew to complete the NEW Superyacht Security Awareness Online Course

5 Reasons for all crew to complete the NEW Superyacht Security Awareness Online Course. If you are currently working on a superyacht to which the ISPS (International Ship & Port Facility Security) Code applies, you will already, have completed the MCA Accredited (STCW ISPS) Proficiency in Security Awareness (PSA) Training Course. It is a mandatory rule for all shipboard personnel.

Delivery Crew… sail on million pound yachts and get paid!

We’ve all imagined what it’d be like to live that millionaire lifestyle. Spending all of our time on hugely expensive luxury yachts, enjoying the finer things and just letting life happen – that’s the life, eh? Well, while we can’t give you any pointers on how to bolster that bank balance, what we can do is give you some advice that’s almost as good. What would you say if you were given the option to take control of a luxury yacht for an entire journey? By becoming delivery crew, that’s exactly what you can do. Obviously you need qualifications and experience before a yacht owner, brokerage company or sales office will let you loose on a highly expensive yacht, but it is possible. Read more

Safety Brief

Giving a safety brief on a boat

As the Skipper of a yacht, whether it be your own or a charter boat, do you always give your crew a safety brief? Some do and I know some don’t. I have seen charter skippers take off for a week of sailing and not giving even the basic safety information to their very inexperienced crew. To some of us, it is obvious why you should give a safety brief and to others it is all too often deemed as not necessary. Here are my top reasons why you should. Read more

Starting out in the yachting industr

Starting out in the Yachting Industry

The yachting industry lures thousands of new recruits every year. Hopeful of getting highly paid jobs and travelling the world, they are drawn to the yachting hubs around the globe. Some are highly successful in their quest and others waste a great deal of their funds and end up returning home with not much more than the odd day or two on board a superyacht cleaning.

If you are serious about working on a yacht then you need to do your research first. Whether you are applying to work as a stewardess, deckhand, chef or engineer you will still need to have some basic qualifications. Read more