So you want to start yacht racing

So you want to start yacht racing!


So you want to start yacht racing!

So you want to start yacht racing. Whether you are an experienced sailor or have never set foot on a yacht before, you can start racing at any time. There are different types of races which you might wish to take part in. Each offers a different experience and needs a different skill and knowledge set. Read more

Safety Brief

Giving a safety brief on a boat

As the Skipper of a yacht, whether it be your own or a charter boat, do you always give your crew a safety brief? Some do and I know some don’t. I have seen charter skippers take off for a week of sailing and not giving even the basic safety information to their very inexperienced crew. To some of us, it is obvious why you should give a safety brief and to others it is all too often deemed as not necessary. Here are my top reasons why you should. Read more


Team SCA Talk To Sail Power Courses

Being a company run by women who sail, we thought it would be an idea to speak to some of the Team SCA members and find out about their early sailing experiences, training & inspirations.  With the help of Annaleisha Rae (Travelling Press Officer) we managed to ask some questions. Sophie Ciszek & Sara Hastrieter kindly provide us with some answers. Thank you to all of Team SCA for being such an inspiration. Read more