Information on a full range of RYA courses within the Sail Cruising, Powerboating & Motor Boating Schemes.

Downwind sailing

Downwind Sailing Techniques using white sails only.

Downwind Sailing Techniques using white sails only.

The novice sailor might avoid sailing downwind and always opt for a broad reach. There comes a time when it is necessary to sail with the wind up your chuff! If you attend a RYA training course some techniques will be taught.  Read more

Joining your local sailing club

The top ten reasons to join your local sailing club.

So you want to learn to sail or know how to sail and would like to be out on the water more often. Join a local sailing club. Sailing and Yacht clubs around the World welcome new members and encourage children and adults alike to become active in using all the facilities on offer. There are many benefits to joining your nearest sailing club. Read more

RYA changes to sail motor practical courses

Understanding the changes to the RYA Sail and Motor Practical Courses

Changes to the RYA Sail and Motor Practical Courses The RYA Training courses started in the UK and thus, all RYA sail and motor practical courses run on the coast were tidal. When chartering abroad became popular and people wanted to learn in the sunshine, the RYA started to approve centres abroad where there were […]


Learning how to use a DSC VHF radio may save your life.

There is a great deal of confusion surrounding the use of the marine VHF radio. I often overhear people saying ‘my mobile phone is the best connection for me when I am at sea’, ‘the Coastguard do not listen to channel 16 anymore’, ‘I don’t understand how to use the DSC function on my set’ […]

Keeping A Personal Boating Log Book.

Picture Most of us are familiar with the boat log book. We put regular position and weather information in it whilst under way and they are critical to safety onboard. Not everyone however, is lucky enough to sail on their own boat and many of us jump on and off different boats, be it those belonging to friends or charter boats, taking no record of our voyages with us when we hop off again. Read more

Preparing For A Practical Boating Course.

navigationNow I know this sounds silly, but it really does happen, people do turn up for an RYA sailing, powerboating or motorboating course totally unprepared. As an instructor I have often pondered over why? I know they would not turn up to a meeting without pen and paper and having read the minutes, or an exam without knowing what was expected. But for some reason, a small minority of people turn up with very little knowledge of what is entailed and in some cases not ready to undertake the training they have paid for.
Read more

Why Sea Survival Training is for everyone?


Picture Everyone that ever puts to sea, hopes that the day when they have to deal with an emergency or deploy the liferaft never comes. Thankfully most of us will enjoy safe boating experiences with very little untoward happening. For the unlucky few that do end up having to launch a liferaft and leave their vessel (0.1% of cruisers), the proper training could save their lives. Read more

Selecting The Right Boating Course

Booking a sailing, powerboating or motor boat course, for the first time can be quite a daunting thought. What will the instructor be like? Will you get on with the other students? What weather to expect? Will you get sea sick? All of which are mostly out of your control. What is in your control, however, is to make sure you choose the right course for you. Read more

What to expect on a RYA Start Yachting course

You might know someone that sails or have seen the yachts at sea and fancy giving sailing a try, but where do you start?  I started with the RYA Start Yachting Course (or its equivalent many moons ago).  Basically, it is a 2 day introduction to sailing a yacht.  If you have never tried sailing and are not too sure if you will like it or not, this is a great way to find out without spending too much of your valuable annual leave. Read more