Boat Charter

Chartering a yacht or a powerboat is not limited to those that have the qualifications and experience to drive or sail them. There are options available for everyone depending on experience and preferences. Just because you are an experienced sailor, does not mean you wish to ferry your wife and children around for a week, you might want to sit back and relax with a skipper to make all the decisions. Equally, someone with very little experience and keen to skipper a yacht themselves may choose the flotilla option where they are supported by a team of experienced staff whilst sailing a simple route with navigational guidance and a flotilla of other yachts. We intend to put the charter options available to you here and if you wish to find a charter business offering the boat you want in the location of your choice you can delve further.

Yacht Charter

Bareboat Charter

Bareboat charter is when you rent a boat without a skipper and you or a family member or friend will take the responsibility of being in charge. They will need qualifications and experience which will be specified by the charter company. There are many variables including the size of the boat, the region you are chartering in and its skill demands, the countries own boating regulations and the companies insurance.

Normally with a bareboat you will provision the boat, refuel at the end and be totally responsible for the boat and the safety of the crew. It is what most people are aiming towards but you do not have to take this leap just yet, there are other options. If you are looking for a bareboat please click on one of the links below.

Skippered or Crewed Charter

Skippered charter means you have a skipper on board to make the navigational decisions and to be responsible for the running of the yacht or boat. This is a good option if you are planning to eat ashore most nights or members of your crew are keen to do the catering.

Crewed charter will involve you having a minimum of two crew on board i.e. the skipper and a hostess/chef. On larger yachts you may encounter even more crew. They will be totally responsible for the movements of the yacht and generally cater to all your needs. Lavish meals and a fully stocked bar, as well as water sports equipment onboard will ensure you have an amazing experience.

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