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Why Join Sail Power Courses? as it is today is only just launching, but we are already in the marine marketing business, so we know how to get your message out there! Our online marketing site has been built specifically for RYA schools to market their courses, milebuilders and spaces in regattas. So why should you join?

    • It is run like a co-operative. The web designer is an RYA instructor, the Director is an RYA Instructor and the Marketing Director used to work for the largest yacht charter company. We all work in partnership with the RYA schools we represent. We listen to what they want and try our best to get their Training Centres & courses in front of as many interested and relevant people as possible.
    • PPC – Pay Per Click Campaigns. We are already in the marketing business so we know how to use targeted ads to reach the most people for the best price. We will be looking at your centre closely and running campaigns to market your training centre and your courses via
    • We have a huge Facebook presence. We have not bought any of our LIKES, we have just given people the content they want to see. With over 12,000 followers your posts will be seen by people who are interested in sailing, powerboating and motorboating as well as professional crew.
    • We have a massive Twitter following, again all organically grown! With over 11,000 followers and regularly being retweeted by many others in the business, a single post has a huge reach. This following is growing on a weekly basis.
    • Linkedin – is now growing faster than facebook and is the place to advertise training for people wanting to get into the yachting professions. We add posts to our business page and to over 2,000 connections.
    • Google+, not many people understand Google+ but basically our posts promoting your centre can appear in the Google Search if the right key words are used, its all about improving Google rankings and helping customers find your school.
    • Instagram, growing faster than facebook. We have only just started using this site but hope to grow it quite quickly by posting great images from the centres we represent.
    • Pinterest, we have an RYA training board and post daily with details of courses and schools on our site.

Why would you not join?

    • You currently fill all your spaces easily without spending money on advertising – well done (we would love to know your secret)
    • You like spending money on printed expensive ads in the yachting press with no idea of the results.
    • You don’t believe social media is the means to attract new business and keep hold of existing clients.
    • You don’t have money in your budget for the joining fees. We understand this one and have tried to keep our costs down to a minimum for the amount of effort we will be making to get your message out there.