Canary Islands, Spain

Best Sailing Months: Year round

Prevailing Wind: North East

Cruising Area

These tidal waters experience acceleration winds caused by the winds being squeezed between the islands. This gives areas with great winds, sometimes increasing by up to 20 knots, and other areas with light winds due to the wind being shadowed by the high volcanic mountains such as Mount Teide on Tenerife, which is nearly 4000 metres high. It is, therefore, an excellent area to learn to sail, with some great longer passages between the islands and busy ports to experience too.

Weather Synopsis

Due to the location on the Tropic of Cancer, the islands experience a temperate climate (it’s not known as the Islands of Eternal Spring for nothing!) with daytime temperatures ranging from the low 20s in the winter months to about 30 degrees in August. Rainfall in the south of the islands is light all year around due to the prevailing North Easterly trade winds. It truly is a great winter and summer destination.

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