Croatia Sailing

Best Sailing Months: April to November

Prevailing Wind:  In the summer months it is the Maestral which blows from the North West

Cruising Area

Sailing in Croatia offers an array of places to fall in love with. With over 1,000 islands you will be back for more. Ancient cities to explore such as Dubrovnik & Split with their top class restaurants and marinas. Anchor in tranquil bays, swim in the turquoise waters, snorkel with the aquatic wildlife and chill surrounded by stunning scenery. Whether it’s secluded bays, small islands, quaint villages or busy cities, you will find them all on a sailing holiday in Croatia.

Croatia has an amazing coastline of over 5,835km of which 4,057km belongs to islands, cliffs, and reefs.  There are 1,185 islands in the Adriatic, of which only 50 or so are populated.

Weather Synopsis

The mediteranean climate gives the Adriatic coastline some of the most sun in Europe, so expect long days of sunshine. The wind is light averaging just under 10 knots with a north westerly breeze. However, you can get more when the Bora winds bring a stronger breeze from the northeast.

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