Best Sailing Months: All year round

Prevailing Wind: West in the Winter and East in the summer

Cruising Area

Gibraltar lies at the entrance to the Mediterranean with easy sailing to Southern Spain and Portugal so plenty of places to explore. Gibraltar also offers inter-continental sailing as you can venture over to North Africa and visit the Spanish enclave of Ceuta or explore the magical ports in Morocco. It is one of the best places to learn to sail outside of the Solent as it has tides, currents, variable winds and lots of traffic offering everything you need to practice your sailing and skippering skills. It is a popular choice for professional crew due to its easy access from the UK direct to Gibraltar airport.

Weather Synopsis

Gibraltar is close to the Atlantic Ocean, therefore, does not experience typical Mediterranean weather. It has a temperate climate with mild winters and warm summers making it ideal for all year round sailing. The Rock of Gibraltar is often covered by low cloud and mist whilst out at sea it will be clear. The Easterly Levanter can bring strong winds in the summer and the Poniente is the name of the westerly wind which is common in the winter. A very pleasant sailing climate.

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