Best Sailing Months: June to September

Prevailing Wind: South west

Cruising Area

The south west coast of the Republic of Ireland has long being thought of as one of the finest cruising grounds in the world. The weather, like the west of Scotland, can offer 3 seasons in a day so be prepared with clothing for all three. With over 200 islands off the west coast and its quaint anchorages and villages, you will be left wanting to revisit after your course. If you are lucky you will catch sight of a pod of dolphins or an Orca. Don’t forget to visit the beautiful city of Cork and have a glass of the black stuff!

The currency of the Republic of Ireland is the Euro.

Weather Synopsis

The west is affected more by the Atlantic Ocean and the gulf stream effect. A mild humid climate prevails. Expect atlantic swells at times if on the west coast. Fog can occur occasionally.

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