London and The Thames

Best Sailing Months: April to November

Prevailing Wind: South West

Cruising Area

The Thames and its Estuary stretch for over 90 miles with many challenges along the way which make it an ideal training ground. It is narrow in parts, tidal, has shallow depths, bridges, busy traffic with tugs and tows and large commercial craft. It is ideal for passage planning exercises and safe navigational practice as well as giving the student an understanding of local by laws. Plenty of places ashore to enjoy a pint along with a run down of the days activities.

Beautiful tributaries, marinas and many interesting places to visit and don’t be surprised to see an array of wildlife, especially birds. With its great transport connections, this is an ideal place for anyone living in London or flying in from abroad to do a course.

Weather Synopsis

The benefits of sailing in the Estuary are obviously the sea state. Rarely are you going to experience large swells due to the marshes & wetlands that offer protection. There are few occasions when the weather is going to prevent you from going out sailing.

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