Northern France

Best Sailing Months: April to November

Prevailing Wind: South West

Cruising Area

Brittany’s coastline is a challenge for even the most experienced navigators. Tidal calculations and careful pilotage into the many beautiful harbours and anchorages are essential. Strong currents, huge tidal ranges (some around the 12-metre mark!), and rocks, coupled with regular winds, make it a sailor’s paradise

There are islands and lighthouses abound as you sail along the varied and long coastline. The Bay of Brest with its quaint little Breton towns like Camaret Sur Mer are sheltered from the Atlantic weather and offer everything a new or experienced sailor needs to have an amazing boating experience including the fantastic local cuisine.

Weather Synopsis

The westerly trade winds bring a mild climate to the North Western areas in France. The summers are warmer than the UK but are just as variable.

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