Best Sailing Months: June to September

Prevailing Wind: South West

Cruising Area

Learning to sail in Arctic Norway will not just be a certificate well earned but an experience of a lifetime. The spectacular fjords, amazing natural light shows, thousands of islands and steep mountains that fall into the sea make this area an unbeatable destination for learning to sail. The everlasting sun in the summer turns into an intricacy of red and yellow sunsets in the autumn, followed by the fantastic Northern Lights which are best seen in October, February and March. Sail from the Lofoten peninsula to the North Cape, with Lyngen in the middle offering excellent skiing and climbing too.

You can relax in the natural unspoilt beauty and remoteness as well as enjoying the adventure that awaits.

Weather Synopsis

The arctic winds are typically light but when it does blow, it blows strongly! This creates a wind chill factor that means being well prepared with the correct weather gear. The summer temperatures can be mild and balmy which is considered an anomaly due to the latitude.

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