Southern France

Best Sailing Months: April to October

Prevailing Wind: Variable, the strongest being a Northerly wind.

Cruising Area

Southern France offers a variety of coastline, very good yacht services and lovely inland towns. There are plenty of anchorages and access to the Inland waters of Europe. Easy year round travel to UK and back. Sailing into such beautiful places such as St Tropez, Cannes or Antibes is an experience not to be missed and it is worth the long detour just to spend some time among the most beautiful collection of yachts in the world. The Antibes, in the St Tropez-Cogolin area, Toulon and Marseilles offer excellent facilities, although the latter deals mainly with commercial shipping. For a good taste of Mediterranean France, the island of Corsica offers a wide selection of pretty ports ideally frequented outside of the peak summer season as it is a favourite holiday destination for French sailor.

Weather Synopsis

Hot summers and mild springs make Southern France an enjoyable place to visit. Winds along the Mediterranean coast and Corsica can be variable, the strongest wind being the mistral, a northerly wind. You can sail all year round in warm weathers but the temperature is colder from November to March especially in the evenings.

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