Best Sailing Months: April to November

Prevailing Wind: Very variable

Cruising Area

In the north and west of Spain on the Ocean coastline, there are large bays and rivers to explore, along with quaint coastal towns. From Bilbao to Santander and A Coruna along the northern coast, facilities are in abundance, with several large marinas and anchorages. Along the Mediterranean coast, there are few bays but many world class marinas. Both offer a very different learning opportunity, with the Mediterranean being more popular due to its flatter seas and warmer climate. The Mediterranean is classed as non-tidal. Cadiz to the South is the oldest city in Spain and is worth a visit. There are two large modern marinas in Cadiz.

Weather Synopsis

Spain is a large country with three different weather patterns, one affecting the northern Mediterranean, the southern tropical Mediterranean and the ocean coastline. The North west of Spain is susceptible to weather fronts in the Atlantic and Is more likely to experience large seas.

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