The Algarve, Portugal

Best Sailing Months: All year round but favourable months are March to November

Prevailing Wind: Northerlies in the summer and westerlies in the winter

Cruising Area

The mild winters with plenty of sunshine make this a great destination for learning to sail all year round. You can be unfortunate enough to be caught out if a storm passes. However, the large marinas mean there is always plenty to practice.

The Algarve also has a good number of small picturesque ports to explore. Lagos is one such port with, excellent seafood restaurants. I can certainly think of worse places to wait for the weather to improve!

Weather Synopsis

The climate is mild and varies slightly, being cooler in the north and warmer in the south. The Algarve varies from the West Coast as often the northerlies experienced in summer are replaced by land and sea breezes. In the winter, the winds are more likely to be westerly and can bring gales. Fog is common during the summer but normally disappears by mid-morning.

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