The Netherlands

Best Sailing Months: April to November

Prevailing Wind: South West

Cruising Area

With nearly every Dutch town and city being accessible by water, the Netherlands are steeped in nautical tradition. Visit picturesque ports in Waddenzee (tidal), the Ijsselmeer (non-tidal) and the Friesian Islands. It is a fantastic training area with strong tides on the north coast and non-tidal inland waters, onshore breezes and sheltered ports. As one would expect from a water based country, there are great facilities for yachts both in the marinas and ashore in the towns. The busy ports are ideal for advanced training, and estuaries and shallow areas pose a challenge to navigators. It is only a short hop from the UK….. Why not consider training for your tidal certificate a little further afield?

Weather Synopsis

The south west winds result in a moderate maritime climate with cool summers and mild winters. Temperatures in the summer average 20 degrees Celsius and the in winter rarely drop below 7 degrees Celsius.

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