Scotland, UK

Best Sailing Months: May to September

Prevailing Wind: Westerly to South Westerly

Cruising Area

Sailing on the west coast of Scotland is second to none. There are tides, wildlife, islands and rocky outcrops. If the weather is good you will not have a better sailing experience, and if you keep your eyes peeled you are likely to see pods of porpoises and seals basking on the shoreline! If it is not fair weather, you will have the best introduction to whisky and the local pub! Remember it is not the weather that will let you down – just the inadequate clothing.

Weather Synopsis

Scotland experiences a temperate climate which tends to be very changeable. As it is warmed by the Gulf Stream, it has milder winters and cooler summers than other countries on a similar latitude such as Denmark and Russia. Temperatures are generally lower than the rest of the UK.

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