Superyacht Steward Daily Duties

Superyacht steward daily duties

A superyacht steward job is an entry level interior deck crew job. The role of the deck steward is to clean and maintain the superyacht interior. The steward will work shifts to help keep the superyacht in pristine condition. The steward or stewardess is also responsible for the health and safety of Guests on board.  Good customer service skills are essential, as guests expect a high standard of service. The steward should be well presented, attentive to guests’ needs, and trustworthy.

The main roles vary, depending on the Job, but often include the following duties:

  • Cabins
    ‘Heads and beds’
    The superyacht steward will clean and tidy the cabin in the morning when the guest is at breakfast. The steward will make the bed, open the curtains, and empty any rubbish. He or she will polish any furniture and mirrors and wipe down all surfaces.  Finally, the steward will clean the toilet and shower areas, and restock toiletries. ‘Turn downs’- The steward will tidy the cabin again at dinner time, before lights out. This involves replacing the decorative day covers with night time bed covers. The steward will turn down the covers, cover the portholes and dim the lights. The pillows are then plumped and arranged, and fresh water and napkins provided. Any used items from the fridge are also replenished


  • Maintaining guest areas
    Guest areas should appear clean and luxurious, with tasteful decorations.
    Reading materials, water, sun cream and tissues should be available.
    The superyacht steward should refresh flower arrangements and maintain stocks of refreshments.
    Plenty of Outdoor cushions should be provided for comfort.  At sun-down the Steward will place protective covers over all cushions. This prevents damp from creating mould which can ruin the cushions.
    The steward will also clean and maintain any Jacuzzi or spa areas, to expected standards


  • Hostess role
    Dining areas need to be laid with cutlery, crockery and glassware. The steward will then either prepare or serve the food and drinks, and clear away after meal times.
    The superyacht steward will also serve snacks and drinks, in guest areas throughout the day.


  • Attending to Guests’ needs.
    Superyacht stewards or stewardesses are often asked to provide information about activities and excursions. They may also deal with a variety of request and concerns.
    Deck stewards must be comfortable dealing with illness. Sea sickness is a common Complaint and Stewards may hand out sick bags and reassure guests who are sick.
    Stewards must also be able to deal with frustrations that can arise after long periods at sea.


If you think you can rise to the challenge,  you will need at least the STCW95 basic training. Click here to find a training centre offering these STCW95 courses.