Joining your local sailing club

The top ten reasons to join your local sailing club.

So you want to learn to sail or know how to sail and would like to be out on the water more often. Join a local sailing club. Sailing and Yacht clubs around the World welcome new members and encourage children and adults alike to become active in using all the facilities on offer. There are many benefits to joining your nearest sailing club.

  1. Safety – the gear is always going to be well maintained and looked after. The club will have safety protocols in place for everyone to adhere to and if you take a dinghy out at club sailing or racing times, there will be a safety RIB on the water to assist if you get into difficulties.

  2. Training – most clubs are also Training Centres and have instructors amongst the membership who make themselves available for running courses. These courses will invariably be much cheaper than going to a private training centre, especially for members.

  3. Racing – as you progress with your sailing skills, the club will more than likely run regular race days or join in with another clubs race program. This is a great way to advance your sailing skills and have fun.

  4. Fun – Whether you volunteer to help out, learn to sail or be competitive within the club race series, you will have a lot of fun. You will meet lots of new people whilst you enjoy the club facilities

  5. Storage – If you own your own dinghy your club will probably have storage facilities and a safely maintained ramp to access the water. Storage will normally come as an extra fee but again members will benefit from a very reasonable rate.

  6. Crew – If you like to sail with others on a larger dinghy there will be the opportunity for you to find crew or crew with someone else.

  7. Warm showers – no one wants to go sailing, get wet and cold and then have to get into a car and drive home. Shower facilities at your local sailing club are a real bonus.

  8. Events – as well as sailing events, most clubs will hold social events and fundraisers which bring the members together off the water.

  9. Support and funding – every club wishes to produce some international sailors and if you are good enough to compete in national and international competitions, every member will be behind you and often there will be financial support available through the club and member sponsorship.

  10. Why not! Most clubs are suffering from a drop in membership. Support your local club, have some fun and ensure the club survives and the great services it offers are available for generations to come.