So you think you are ready to sit the Yachtmaster Offshore examination? There is no need to do a Yachtmaster Prep course before you sit the Yachtmaster Offshore examination. The Yachtmaster prep course offered by RYA training centres is not an official RYA course with a syllabus. It is an opportunity to get out on a yacht and practice before the examiner steps onboard. I did not attend a preparation course but I did have my own small 28-foot yacht with which to practice on.

The course taught over 4 days by a Yachtmaster Instructor, aims to improve on your weaknesses and gives you the opportunity to practise under his or her guidance. On day 5 and 6, an examiner steps on board depending on the number of candidates.

Who is the Yachtmaster prep course suitable for?

  • Anyone with all the theoretical knowledge acquired in the Yachtmaster theory course.
  • Anyone who has researched the examination competencies and feels that with some revision & practice, they can take the Yachtmaster examination.
  • Anyone who has the skills and knowledge but lacks confidence in a practical examination situation.
  • Anyone who wishes to increase the odds of them passing the Yachtmaster Offshore Examination.

Who is it the Yachtmaster prep course not suitable for?

  • Those who do not have the theoretical knowledge. The prep course is a test under pressure. It is not a course where you will be taught the theory.
  • Anyone who has gained the prerequisite number of miles but has never skippered a yacht. Please familiarise yourself with all the criteria.
  • Anyone who is hoping to be taught how to be a Yachtmaster. The preparation training is run over 4 days with at least another 2 students on board. There will not be time to teach you everything. It is an opportunity to have a Yachtmaster Instructor onboard to identify a few weak areas and concentrate on improving those skills.

In summary, it is important to have prepared and not waste the time of the instructor, examiner, and other students. You should have the skills and knowledge before attending this practical preparation. There are many books,websites, and resources available which detail the skills, drills and theory needed for the examination. Every examiner has their own approach on how best to get you to show your skills and knowledge with safety being at the forefront of every action and decision you make.